Caudal Promotion I


Statistical data of the development:


Location: Polígono Industrial Vega de Baiña, Mieres.

Plot size: 4.644 m2.

Built area: 3.000 m2.

Delivery date: September 2003.

Number of units: 10


Technical specifications of the development:


Span: 15 m.

Eaves height: 8 m.

Minimum area: 250 m2.

Maximum area per unit: 750 m2.

Main door: 5 m. wide, 5 m. high.

Structure adequate for a 5 MT crane. (including cantilevers and excluding rail beams).

Toilets and changing rooms.


Economic terms of the development:


Sale method: rental with option to purchase in 12 years.

Estimated sale price: 450 €/m2 (to be updated yearly).


This development is part of the Complementary Recovery Scheme for the Mining Areas, signed by the Government of the Principality of Asturias and the Trade Unions SOMA-FIA-UGT and Industrial Federation of CCOO (2001-2005).